Bio-Based Solutions for Coatings
Pre-Treating Various Woods with High-Performance Light Stabilizers
A New Tool for PUD Design
Building an Industrial Wood Coating Finish
Waterborne Primers Providing the Base for Exceptional Topcoat Performance
Crosslinking Polyurethane Dispersions for High-Performance Wood Coatings
Next-Generation Liquid Polybutadiene in Solvent-Based Coatings Applications
Trends in UV-Cure Coating Formulations, Production Coating Methods and Apparatus
Real-Time Polymer Monitoring System
Intelligent Binders - A Cloak of Invisibility for Ships
Hazmat Waste Put to Use A Reuse Solution for Solvent-Based Paints and Raw Materials
New Safe and Durable Antimicrobial Coating Technology Conforming to the Latest EU BPR Legislation
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