Dow Corning® TC-5888 Thermally Conductive Compound Improves Production, Performance and Reliability of High-End Electronics
CIMIE 2017: BASF showcases hygienic coating that improves food safety and flooring durability
CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduce CATHAYRED™a new range of high performance Red Iron Oxide Pigments
Michelman Launching Two New Barrier Coatings at LabelExpo Europe 2017
Performance and sustainability in perfect combination
LANXESS Saltidin Brings More Choices for Chinese Consumers to Stay Away From Mosquito
New Dow Corning® EA-4600LV HM RTV Translucent Adhesive Delivers Fast Assembly and Improved Productivity for Smart Devices
Michelman Fiber Sizing Used in Manufacturing of World's First Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel (COPV) made with Recycled Carbon Fiber
One production step less
Structurally modified, hydrophilic silica improves the anti-fouling properties of coatings based on cuprous oxide
ProPhorce™ Valerins: a revolutionary new molecule for a new age in animal performance
ALBIDUR® 1223: Long-term flexibility and corrosion protection
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