涂料中的珠光颜料 - 底漆/Pearlescent PIGMENTS in Coatings A Primer
水性2K FEVE涂料在超耐候应用中的最新进展/Latest Developments in Water-Based 2K FEV……
搭建工业木器涂层体系第一部分--根据第三代供应商与制造商的观点/Building an Industrial Wood Coating Finish
高性能复配型光稳定剂应用于木器水性涂装与木质素耐候保护的最新研究/Pre-Treating Various Woods with High-Performance Light Stabilizers
应用于涂料的生物基解决方案/Bio-Based Solutions for Coatings
甲基异噻唑啉酮(MIT)使用限制成为涂料行业的一大挑战/Restriction on the Use of Methylisothiazolinone as a Challenge for the Paint Industry
水性底漆优质面漆的基础/Waterborne Primers Providing the Base for Exceptional Topcoat Performance
用于高性能木器涂料的交联型聚氨酯分散体/Crosslinking Polyurethane Dispersions for High-Performance Wood Coatings
智能基料:为船舶穿上隐形斗篷/Intelligent Binders - A Cloak of Invisibility for Ships
紫外光固化涂料在配方、生产、涂装工艺和设备方面的应用趋势/Trends in UV-Cure Coating Formulations, Production Coating Methods and Apparatus
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